When working in production for ABC’s The View, Tiffany Walton-Medois was asked by the show’s makeup artist, Eve Pearl, to write a piece about lipstick for her book, Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques.  


Tiffany was even featured in the book and, if you squint hard enough, you can see two tiny photos of her on its cover.  Thus, a skincare and beauty product junkie was born.  

While Tiffany loves writing about lifestyle and beauty, she is more in love with getting results for her clients (regardless of industry) by way of strong and engaging SEO blog posts, articles and product descriptions, as well as social media content.


Tiffany leads an experienced writing team, skilled at writing high-quality content that works as marketing to increase their clients' sales.   


We have written for business and media powerhouses like: Mattel, Hot Topic, Philip Morris, ABC, and CBS. 


Along with keeping some of these big name clients, we also write for small to medium-sized companies in various fields, such as: hair, skincare, lifestyle, fashion, HVAC, real estate and more. 


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